Building Cross - Continental Musical Bridges Project
Guyana will partner with two countries Bangladesh of Asia and Burundi of Central Africa to share their Musics that have led to Transformation, Peace and Social Healing among its peoples. The idea for this project was shared and further developed between three students of Future Generations Graduate School, Mr. Shahid Mallick of Bangladesh, Mr. Rene Niyonkuru of Burundi and Rohan Sagar of Guyana.
The approach will be to document these musical ideas of the three countries and to find a mutual platform where these ideas can be shared with other Nations.
The Neville 'Mighty Chief' Calistro Project
The Mighty Chief is Guyana's first Indigenous Calypsonian but more than that, the Chief embodies a rich and prodigious wealth of cultural information that are derived from multiple heritages that he possesses, for example, his being an Arawak and his foreparents Akawaio and African in addition to being part Arawak also. With support from the National Trust Guyana the Foundation would like to announce the completion of a documentary that chronicles the life of the Mighty Chief as narrated by the Chief himself.


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Building Bridges With Music!

The activities of the foundation centre on the promotion and preservation of indigenous and ethnic music and culture. Specifically the foundation

  • Provide music training to students, teachers and special needs children in the instruments that are more common to each ethnic group;
  • Raise awareness of the decline of the indigenous and ethnic music and cultures of Guyana;
  • Support the implementation of community projects such as HIV/AIDS awareness, malaria and conservation through music;
  • Advocates for music to be integrated into school curriculum;
  • Preserving indigenous culture through recording and preserving documents and music;
  • Conducting research on indigenous and ethnic music of Guyana
Musicking in the Rainforest